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Dealmed Blue Isolation Gown – 10 Count of Disposable Medical Gowns, Blue Latex-Free, Perfect for Hospitals, Medical Facilities, and Physicians’ Offices (Pack of 10)


  • HIGH QUALITY: Our Dealmed Brand Isolation Gown is constructed of high quality spunbonded polypropylene material. Features elastic cuffs with waist and neck tie closures. They’re breathable, flexible and strong enough for tough tasks.
  • HIGHLY PROTECTIVE: The isolation gowns are the ideal protective apparel used to protect workers and patients from any transfer of particles and fluids in patient isolation situations. Not made with natural rubber latex.
  • PERFECT FIT FOR ALL: Dealmed universal fit isolation gowns are uniquely and purposely designed with extra length on the waist ties to give confidence to the patients and nurses.
  • HEALTHCARE NEEDS: Dealmed understands the changing climate of healthcare and how important it is to have an honest, dependable partner. As such, we’ve made it our goal to deliver a large selection of items at guaranteed low prices faster than ever before.

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Isolation Gowns Blue Disposable Latex Free Protective Suit One Size Fits All 10 Blue Gowns Included


  • High Quality Isolation Gown – Why buying some low-quality gowns that can easily be torn apart, when now you can have this amazing isolation gown made of extra-strong, lightweight, and breathable water-resistant material, which makes it flexible and strong enough for tough duties.
  • Super Comfortable – Imagine to have protective gown that you can wear it all day long without any problem? Now you don’t have to because we have just what you need. Generously sized for full coverage and flexibility for men and women of all sizes while providing excellent comfort and flexibility, allowing you to move freely without any problem.
  • Multiple Uses – Are you tired of all that stains on your clothes because you don’t have the right protective clothing? With a variety of functions this personal protection equipment is perfect to be uses in tattoo shops, beauty salons, clinics, laboratories, workshops, construction sites, painting, food workshop, product testing,commercial and household inspections, for perfect general isolation.
  • Disposable And Easy To Wear – Featuring long sleeves with design that cover the torso, and fit comfortably over the body to preserve the patient’s modesty and comfort, while making it extremely easy to wear and change. The isolation gown is disposable and can be only used once to ensure safety and hygiene.
  • Amazing Design – 10 Blue Isolation Gowns with user-friendly design for convenient wearability with proper ventilation, fitted with elastic cuff and ties on back and neck to provide a snug fit.

Ensure your satisfaction guarantee on blue isolation gown products purchased

Looking for the best retailers to buy blue isolation gown products? In order to cut down on the risk of buying products from unreliable retailers, you should always do some research before purchasing. This way it is easier for your money and time investment when something goes wrong with goods purchased!

Make sure that they have an established reputation in their industry by looking online or contacting past customers who can provide feedback about how well- respected (or not) this company might be as far as customer service goes alongside other factors such as price point availability etcetera.

Here are some tips on how to choose blue isolation gown products’ reliable retailers.
1). Check the track record of that particular business by checking their website, social media pages, or other sources around town for customer reviews about quality and service;
2). Make sure they carry a wide range of products in stock at all times so you can easily find what you’re looking for without running out like last time!
3). Be aware if there are any seasonality issues- holiday sales could mean higher prices during these periods due to that increased demand.


100 Pack LEVEL 2 PP + PE Disposable Isolation Gowns Blue with Elastic Cuff, Latex-Free, Non-Woven, Fluid Resistant, Dental, Medical, Hospital, Industries, ONE SIZE FITS ALL (100 PCS=10 Bags)


  • Full-cover provides safety and cleanliness
  • Durable material for dependent protection
  • Non-woven material, non-surgical, non-sterile
  • Medical Dental and Tattoo practices
  • AATCC 42 Impact Penetration Test and AATCC 127 Hydrostatic Pressure Test (Body)


hand2mind Polyethylene, Level 1, Disposable, Non-Surgical Isolation Gowns, Blue, 150 pcs/case (10 Bags of 15 Gowns per case)


  • This gown offers low to moderate barrier protection. Product is tested to and compliant with AATCC 42 (Level 1), and AATCC 42 and 127 (Level 2 and Level 3)
  • Designed using universal sizes with thumb holes on sleeves
  • Each gown is made from polyethylene and is 51 grams for better quality and protection
  • Not recommended for use in surgical settings or where significant exposure to liquid bodily or hazardous fluids may be expected, where Level 3 or 4 protection is warranted, or in the presence of a high-intensity heat source or flammable gas.
  • Alert – We have not confirmed that this product meets applicable standards for medical use. This gown is not intended for use in healthcare settings

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Disposable Isolation Gown Polypropylene Lab Gowns Knit Cuff Long Sleeve Blue 15 Pack


  • Disposable gown is lightweight, strong enough for tough duties while still being comfortably breathable and flexible
  • Universal size, fit men and women of most sizes while providing comfort and flexibility
  • Enforced disposable gowns for covering clothes, ties for binding in neck and waist and knitted cuffs at the wrists
  • Effectively isolate dust and other harmful substances, cover your body and clothing and create a physical barrier to the transmission of microorganisms and other substances
  • Could be used as a visit coat, ideal for examination care hygienic laboratory industry sectors and other public places

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ZMDREAM Disposable Isolation Gown Waterproof with Knit Cuff & Waist Ties 10 count Blue


  • The Isolation gowns can be used in factories, beauty salons, farms, laboratories etc.
  • Polypropylene, coated Polyethylene, waterproof, lightweight, latex free. The protective effect of this gown is better than the polypropylene one, and more breathable than the plastic one.
  • Knitting cuff, waist ties ensure that gowns remain securely in place, full protection.
  • 10 count per pack, color: blue. Universal size & waist ties fit the size of most men and women. 100 counts available, please search for B08FR6Z1X2.
  • Only one size, extra length of the waist ties fits nearly all people. Means size S to XXXXXL.

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Leo Disposal Protective Isolation Gown – 30 pcs Blue. Latex Free,Non-Woven, Fluid Resistant,ONE Size FITS MOST


  • Quality Material: Gowns are made from of high quality spun-bonded non-woven fluid resistant , its breathable, lightweight fabric prevents hot temperature buildup.
  • One size: Our gown should fit most sizes, it measure: 40 inches x 15.7 inches. Leo Protective Gown, Non-sterile, Blue
  • Reliable Protection: Our gowns are made with elastic cuff sleeves to provide a snug fit under gloves. Tie back closure around the neck and waist with sewn seams to provide superior strength and protection.
  • Multiple uses: Laboratory use, Crime Scenes and Forensics, Science Projects at College Campus, Painting and Kitchen use.

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You want the best blue isolation gown products and you want to be sure that what you buy is from a reputable seller. You need to know whether or not this product is going to work for your needs, but most importantly, you want to feel confident about who you are buying from.

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One example is customer service; when customers have problems with their purchase they can contact the seller and in most cases will be able to return it or replace it. Another perk is easier shipping and returns- if there’s any problem with your order, many times these companies offer free return shipping for all purchases.

If you’re looking to buy a blue isolation gown product, it pays to know who you’re getting it from. We only work with reputable sellers that are committed to excellent customer service and quality items. You can feel confident when buying our chosen blue isolation gown products because we’ve done all the research for you!


Dukal Isolation Gown, Non-Sterile, Blue (10 Bags of 5) (Pack of 50)


  • All gowns are made of high quality spun bonded polypropylene
  • Isolation gowns are available in 3 colors to allow easy detection between departments or functions
  • Impervious, fluid resistant gowns feature a polyethylene coating
  • Each gown features elastic cuffs with waist and neck tie closures
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • 10/bg, 5 bg/cs


Level 1 PP Disposable Isolation Gowns Blue Pack of 10 with Elastic Cuff, Latex- Free, Non-Woven, Fluid Resistant, ONE Size FITS All (10 PCS=1 Bag)


  • Full-cover provides safety and cleanliness


ObboMed MG-5100 Non-Surgical Disposable Isolation Gown with Elastic Cuff, Level 1, Blue (10/pack)


  • Quality Material: made of PP 57% + PE 43%, 35g/1.23oz, breathable, lightweight fabric prevents hot temperature buildup. Provide Level 1 protection; For higher level protection, check out our ObboMed level 3 gowns.
  • One size fits all: The disposable gowns are designed to fit men and women of all sizes while providing comfort and flexibility
  • Elastic cuffs to provide a snug fit under gloves, sewn seams provide superior strength.
  • These Blue Disposable Isolation Gowns are Great for Doctors, Medical Laboratory’s, Crime Scenes and Forensics, Dentists, Pharmacy, Science Projects at College Campus, Painting and Kitchen use.
  • Size: 24.4”x53.1”x47.2”. Tie Back Closure, Single Use 10 Pieces per case, Color is Blue.

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