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Hampton Nautical 3xglass-101 Antique Brass Executive Desk Gimbal Compass 8″ Nautical Home Decoration, 8″


  • Quality solid metal housing for compass authentic nautical decoration
  • Remains level with double-gimbaled design for accurate readings
  • Solid rosewood Box anchor emblem inset in face of Box
  • Shop Amazon for all Hampton Nautical products over 3000 unique nautical items available
  • Buy factory direct all items designed and manufactured by us Hampton Nautical

Linon Home Décor Atlas Compass Set Tray Table, Gray


  • Includes four tray tables and one stand
  • Easy to move from one room to another with The handle on top.
  • Planked Top
  • Gray Finish with compass design
  • Ideal for small spaces.

Jofran: , Compass, Square Glass End Table, 24″W X 24″D X 24″H, Brown Finish, (Set of 1)


  • Dimensions reflect Top and Base together: 24″W X 24″D X 24″H
  • Techmetric Veneer
  • 5mm Tempered Frosted Glass
  • Chrome Accents
  • 8mm Clear Tempered Glass Top

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Humaira Nautical Vintage Antique Style Brass Sundial Compass Maritime Nautical Compass Desk Decor


    Handmade Authentic Clock Compass in Rose Wood Box, Vintage Gift…


    • Handmade product, Little bit variation, not all are exactly same.
    • working watch & compass
    • size # 3.5 inch square
    • special gift for your Love one.
    • Manufactured by AUTHENTIC INSTRUMENTS INC.

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    Linon Home Compass Tray Table Set


    • Includes four tray tables and one stand
    • Easy to move from one room to another with the handle on top.
    • Planked Top
    • Gray Finish with Compass Design
    • Ideal for small spaces.

    Muslim Prayer Times (Free) – أوقات الصلاة , Ramadan Time Table, Qibla Locator & Compass – القبلة , Athan Alarm, Salat Times, Islamic Calendar (Hijri Dates) – الهجري – Islam


    • Qibla direction – Compass pointing to makkah
    • Timetable Page Added. (You can also share table)
    • View daily prayer times – notifies you when its time to pray
    • Different prayer times calculation methods
    • Know ASR prayer timing according to Hanafi or Shafi calculations
    • View daily Suhoor & Iftaar times and set reminders when you’re fasting
    • Manually adjust prayer time settings for every prayer
    • Shows you Hijri & Gregorian Calendar Dates
    • Adhans to choose. From Makkah, Medina, Al-Aqsa, Fajr & Egypt
    • User can share Ramadan Time Table

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    Separate Tables


      Deco 79 Industrial Metal Accent Table, 24″H x 19″W, Black


      • Size: 19x19x24
      • 1 AA battery-operated clock with glass Crystal
      • Material finish: textured iron, glass
      • Power source type: battery powered

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      Table Rock Lake Offline GPS Fishing Charts


      • Markers & Favorites
      • Multiple tracks: Record your track, instant speed time, COG – course over ground
      • Geo – tagged photo management
      • Distance measure
      • Compass
      • GPS window with very detailed info
      • User friendly on latest android

      Urban Designs Industrial Porthole Metal Round Clock Coffee & End Table – Brown


      • Industrial flair with a unique Contemporary look and tripod stand
      • Working clock inset in the tabletop covered by tempered glass on an aged, weathered metal frame
      • Uses 1 AA battery (not included)
      • Light Assembly required, tools and instructions included
      • Dimensions: 24 inches high x 19 inches wide x 19 inches Deep – 13.5 lb

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      Riverbay Furniture 5 Piece Set Compass Print TV Wood Folding Tray Table Stand in Light Gray, 4 Tray Tables & 1 Stand


      • Includes four tray tables and one stand
      • Easy to move from one room to another with the handle on top.
      • Planked Top
      • Light Gray Finish with Compass Design
      • Ideal for small spaces.

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