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Grasseed Reusable Vertuo Capsule Kit for VertuoLine Capsules with 50Pcs Aluminum Foil Seals Lid, Holder and Brush, Fits for Refill Vertuo Pods Reusable Vertuoline Pod


  • Perfect Reusable Vertuo Capsule Kit: The Grasseed Reusable Vertuo Capsule Kit comes with a capsule refill holder, 50 food-grade aluminum foil seals and a cleaning brush. Reuse your Capsules with this Vertuoline pods refill kit.
  • Premium Quality: Grasseed Vertuo Capsule Holder is made of environmentally friendly materials, the foil seals are made with food-grade aluminum foil. Avoid falling the coffee powder into the coffee machine when you are brewing, so there’s no mess.
  • Unique Design: Grasseed Vertuo Capsule Holder is designed according to the principle of ergonomics. Just apply and seal your foil lid with a single twist, you can get your new Vertuo Capsule! It’s a fast and easy way to refill bulk pods!
  • Easy to Use: Put the empty VERTUO Capsule into the holder, add your coffee powder and use the Grasseed foils to align on the edge of the capsule. Unlike other capsule refill holder, you just need to press the top cover of the holder to get a new capsule.
  • DIY the pods & Reduce the waste: Grasseed Reusable Vertuo Capsule Kit is suitable for bulk pod refills, you can add the coffee powder you like and enjoy the process of brewing. It can be reused and also refill your VERTUO Capsules. So you can save money and reduce waste while refilling and reusing your coffee pods.

Stainless Steel Refillable Capsules Reusable Coffee Pods Compatible for Nespresso Vertuo espresso Pods Refillable Capsules Fits Vertuolline GCA1 and ENV135 Series (capsule+tamper)


  • 1.RECAFIMIL,Material :good-grade 8/18 304 material,and recyclable
  • 2. Eco-Friendly, saves up to 90% over the cost of pre-filled single serving capsules
  • 3. High quality,Unlimited times refill,Saving money
  • 4. compatible for Nespresso Vertuoline GCA1,Delonghi ENV135 series,VertuoPlus BNV420 series and VertuoPlus De’Longhi ENV150 series. NOT FIT Breville & De’longhi Next Maker
  • 5,not only Rich creme do,brews 2.3 oz but also reuse,safe use than plastic,you will love it.【Operation instruction helping please check product image】

Stainless Steel Refillable Capsules Reusable Coffee Pods Compatible for NESPRESSO VERTU Pods Espresso Capsules Fits GCA1 and ENV135S and Vertuo Plus & Vertuoplus BEVILLE DELUXE


  • 1.MG Coffee is the only factory for this product ,Material :good-grade 8/18 304 material,and recyclable, FDA approval.
  • 2.Upgrade Version, Better Performance and New Design , offering better coffee brewing exprience. Choose MG Coffee when order , cos we don’t offer selling rights to our Dealer
  • 3. High quality,Unlimited times refill,Saving money,YOU WILL GET:1 Stainless Steel Refillable Coffee Pod, 1 Plastic Spoon, 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 4.Compatible Fits GCA1 and ENV135S and Vertuo Plus & Vertuoplus BEVILLE DELUXE
  • 5.【We Do business sincerely】 : Our reusable capsule is made of stainless steel, environmental-friendly, resisting of heat, not discoloration.Longer usage and save the money and we promise 30 days no reason return and 60 days quality return to protect each buyer’s purchase right and experience.Our aim is to bring leisure and joy to Dear you 🙂

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CAPMESSO Aluminum Foils Lids to Reuse Vertuoline Capsules Coffee Pods Compatible with Nespresso VertuoLine Machine 64mm(100/package)


  • ☀【Safe and Superior Quality of Nespresso VertuoLine Brewer pods foil lids】100% recyclable,food-grade material and BPA free. High quality Vertuoline foils build pressure to produce an excellent cup of coffee.
  • ☀【Cost-saving and Eco-friendly lids】Excellent for extending the life of Nespresso VertuoLine capsules and available for your favorite mixture. Reduce waste: Alleviate the burden of the earth when you reuse the Nespresso capsules Vertuoline rather than throwing for once.
  • ☀【Easy to operate】 Using a small sciccors to remove the used vertuoline foils. Clean and fill your fine grind coffee. Place the foil lids on the rim and then gently press around the rim to seal Nespresso Vertuo or Vertuoplus pods.
  • ☀【Compatible Coffee Pods】Our nespresso foil seals are specially design for vertuo coffee capsules that fits for Nespresso VertuoLine machines. *Not Compatible with Nespresso Original Line machine.*
  • ☀【Item Included】 100pcs VertuoLine coffee pod aluminum foils (64mm in diameter).*Vertuoline Capsules are NOT included*

Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Double Espresso Scuro, Dark Roast Espresso Coffee, 30 Count Coffee Pods, Brews 2.7 Ounce


  • DARK & BOLD: This Nespresso coffee is created from, a blend of Central American coffee with a dark smoky character enriched by notes of cocoa and vanilla for a strong espresso coffee beverage
  • INTENSITY 8: This Nespresso coffee blend is made with a highly roasted blend of Robusta and Arabica coffee for the most consistent roasting for a strong, intense, and balanced texture in this espresso all in easy to use Nespresso Capsules
  • DOUBLE ESPRESSO SCURO ESPRESSO BREWS 2.7 OZ: These Nespresso VertuoLine pods are part of the Double Espresso range that will provide you with a 2.7 oz serving of espresso which will help you double up on you single espresso coffee
  • WE RECYCLE: Nespresso aluminum capsules are fully recyclable and guarantee coffee freshness – we provide different options for recycling your used aluminum coffee pods to fulfill our collective commitment to protecting the environment
  • VERTUOLINE ONLY: Nespresso Vertuo delivers you a full range of cup sizes and coffee styles from espresso to Alto XL with easy to use Nespresso pods. Enjoy hot or pour over ice. (VertuoLine Capsules are not compatible with OriginalLine machines)

4 REUSABLE COFFEE CAPSULE DISCS: refillable for VERTUOLINE & VERTUO capsules pods, compatible with NESPRESSO VERTUOLINE & VERTUO pods, 4 DISC SET for capsule SIZE 1.35/2.70/5.07/7.77/14.00 FL OZ


  • Tired of the expensive disposable coffee capsules and all the waste? Here is the ingenious reusable solution! In no time, turn your disposable capsule into more than just a coffee, save a lot of money, choose your own coffee and the environment is happy!
  • It couldn’t be easier: remove the foil from an original disposable capsule with the mini-cutter included in the set, the capsule size does not matter. Fill the empty aluminum capsule with the ground coffee of your choice and close it with the mycoffeestar DISC. Family or friends are visiting? No problem, because with the 4 DISC-SET you can fill 4 original disposable capsules at the same time.
  • SET CONTENTS: 4 DISC / 1 CUTTER / 1 MEASURING SPOON / Instruction card; PLEASE NOTE: no bottom of the capsule included – just the lids to refill Nespresso coffee pods with your own coffee!! You are re-using the aluminium part of a disposable capsules many times. With this eco-product NO aluminum foil, paper filters or other additional products are required! We have minimized packaging material as much as possible!
  • Fits for all capsule SIZES: Espresso 1.35 fl oz / Double Espresso 2.7 fl oz / Gran Lungo 5.07 fl oz / Mug 7.77 fl oz / Alto 14.00 fl oz MACHINE TYPES: All coffee machines on the market for VertuoLine capsules.
  • Take a look at the video on the left and in just 20 seconds you will find out how it works. From now on you can choose your own coffee, ready-ground from the supermarket or have it freshly ground at your coffee roaster around the corner and save up to 80% of your coffee costs

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Stainless Steel Refillable Coffee Pods Compatible for Nespresso VertuoPlus,Stainless Steel Reusable Coffee Capsules Pods (2.4 oz)


  • √ 【HIGH QUALITY & MORE OPTIONAL】High Quality Made From Premium Grade Stainless Steel,100% food safe, BPA FREE ,No additives,Ecological: When you choose our reusable and refillable capsules for your Nespresso vertuoline pod holder, you are opting for a greener life and helping our planet to be away from more plastic and aluminum
  • √ 【SAVE YOUR MONEY】 Depending on the amount of coffee you consume, you will be saving a lot of money with long-term rechargeable capsules.
  • √ 【REUSABLE STAILESS STEEL CAPSULES】Longevity and durability, made from the best quality 18/8 304 stainless steel micro mesh to ensure superior quality design
  • √ 【BREWS MORE】 Each Capsule Brews around 2.4 Ounce Cup of Coffee,It is easily cleaned under running water, uniform and stable precision, easy installation.
  • √ 【Usage TIPS】Compataible for【Vertuoline GCA1 ,Vertuoline Evoluo ENV135S,ENV135B,ENV135T,ENV135R】Please check instruction and Video for more detail before purchase,Excellent option to enjoy the coffee brand you prefer, An interesting purchase, a very rich espresso coffee

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VIVISKY Reusable Coffee Capsules Discs to Reuse Vertuo Pods, Vertuo Refillable Pods Cap For ALL Size pod of Vertuo GCA1,ENV135 and BNV250, Not for ALL VERTUO PLUS,VERTUO NEXT! (2PCS & Two-ended Brush)


  • ⚠🙏CHECK MACHINE COMPATIBILITY WITH BUYER FIRSTLY! 🧡🧡🧡We will reply at any times! 💎Fit for Vertuo GCA1,ENV135 and BNV250, not work for ‼ALL VERTUO PLUS & VERTUO NEXT! 🌈Bottom Coffee Capsules are not included
  • VIVISKY Reusable Vertuo Cap is made of long-lasting, durable, and Eco-friendly stainless steel,designed to withstand years of use. As the performance of original vertuo pods,perforation on the water inlet hole allows water to fully soak the grounds, optimize coffee extraction, and obtain a strong flavor with rich crema.
  • By keeping and reusing your valuable original vertuo pods, you can stop contributing to the pod waste that fill in landfills! This refillable vertuo disc will help you minimize vertuo pods expenditures, allowing you to save as much as 80% over pre-filled and pre-made, store-bought coffee pods.
  • Unlike pre-filled single-serve vertuo pods, you can enjoy a wider selection of different flavors and aromas by reusing our stainless steel vertuo lids.You don’t have to sacrifice taste for convenience. Enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage while decreasing your carbon footprint.
  • Designed for coffee drinker that are easier to brew and enjoy your own coffee at hurried morning: fill with dark roasted fine-medium grounds on your original vertuo capsules, close the lid easily and then put in the machine to brew. Emptying them is just as easy too. Included two-ended brush make cleanup a breeze.
  • 🌈Bottom Coffee Capsules are not included. Designed for all size of Vertuo pods: Espresso 1.35 fl oz; Double Espresso 2.7 fl oz;Gran Lungo 5.07 fl oz;Mug 7.77 fl oz;Alto 14.00 fl oz. The pod with VIVISKY caps are compatible with Vertuoline ENV135 Series, BNV220 Series and GCA1. ⛔Not Compatible with Vertuo Plus, Vertuo Next machine.

Geesta Reusable Aluminum Foil Seals Lid Compatible with Nespresso Vertuoline Capsule-120 Pcs (120 PCS)


  • Compatible: Refill and reuse your Vertuoline Nespresso capsules in less than 60 seconds! Not fits the Originalline Capsules
  • Best Quality: Unlike low-quality competitors, these foil seals are made with extra-thick, food-grade aluminum foil, which won’t ever rip during brewing – no mess!
  • Perfect Fit: GEESTA aluminum foil seals are expertly designed with precise dimensions to match Vertuoline Nespresso pods without covering up the barcode underneath.
  • Smart Solution: Save money with this simple, eco-friendly method. Now you can enjoy a creamy cup of coffee with your favorite blend and reduce waste in the process.
  • Item Included: Includes 120 foil seals. Foil Diameter: 59mm

USEAMIE Reusable Vertuo Capsule Refill Kit 100Pcs Aluminum Foil Seals Lid for Nespresso VertuoLine Capsules with Holder, Scoop and Brush


  • PERFECT REASABLE VERTUO CAPSULE: Specially designed for Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine
  • SIMPLE TO USE: The wood holder has an ergonomic shape and molded reference point, so you can attach the new foil in seconds with a perfect, secure fit
  • PACKAGE: Provide a complete set including 100 aluminum foil sealed lids, a brush and a spoon, which are efficient and easy to use
  • HIGH QUALITY: Made of food grade aluminum foil paper, strong and durable, will not be ripped in use. The holder uses solid wood design, which is healthy, safe and looks beautiful
  • AFTER SALE: 100% Money Back Guarantee – if for any reason you are not entirely satisfied, you may return any item in its original condition for a full refund or an exchange within 7 business days from delivery

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