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9 Vacuum Cleaner Bags for Sears Kenmore 5055 50557 50558 Panasonic C-5 C5 C Q


  • MICRO-LINED – Our vacuum bags have a 2-plyMICRO filtration system that is 99.7% efficient down to 5.0MICROns and can capture particles as small as 0.1MICROns. Ideal for Allergy sufferers!
  • QUALITY DESIGN – These bags fit Kenmore canister vacuum models that use Type C or Type Q bags. Also fits Panasonic canister vacuums that use Type C-5 bags.
  • PERFECT FIT Compare to Kenmore 50104, 5055, 50557, 50558, 53291, 53292, 20-5055, 20-50557, 20-50558, Style C, Style Q and Panasonic C-5, C5 manufacturer part numbers. Fits just like the OEM bag!
  • GREAT VALUE – Receive 9 replacement bags!

18 Vacuum Cleaner Bags for Sears Kenmore 5055 50557 50558 Panasonic C-5 C5 C Q


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    Panasonic MSCMCCG917 Kenmore Wand



    Panasonic, Kenmore Canister Vacuum Cleaner Floor Brush Attachment


    • 1 1/4″ Wand Fitting, 9″ Wide, Color Grey
    • Canister Vacuum Cleaner Floor Brush

    Sears Kenmore Progressive Canister Brushroll 8192535


    • Genuine Panasonic

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    Panasonic CanisterVacuum Cleaner Exhaust Filter, Also Fits: Kenmore Progressive Canister #86880


    • 4 3/8″ x 2 7/8″, Genuine Panasonic Filter
    • CanisterVacuum Cleaner Exhaust Filter

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    Brand DVC 9 Vacuum Cleaner Bags for Sears Kenmore Model 5055 50557 50558 Panasonic C-5 C5 C Q – Pack of 3


      Panasonic Replacement Filter, Panasonic/Kenmore Canister W/Frame #62-2300-01


        DVC Vacuum Cleaner Bags for Sears Kenmore 5055 50557 50558 Panasonic C 5 C5 C Q, Brand DVC 9 Vacuum Cleaner Bags for Sears Kenmore Model 5055 50557 50558 Panasonic Pack of 4, White Pack of 4


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          Brand DVC 9 Vacuum Cleaner Bags for Sears Kenmore Model 5055 50557 50558 Panasonic C-5 C5 C Q – Pack of 2


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