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CURBY IPG Water-Activated Tape, 2.83″ x 100M Refill Roll (4-Pack), Tan (CBIWAT)


  • Curbside recyclable water activated tape for use with Curby Mini Taper Machine
  • 4-Pack rolls; each roll is 2.83″ x 300′
  • The first certified recyclable carton sealing tape; eliminates the need to separate tape from box for curbside recycling
  • Ultra-strong package protection with fiberglass and polyester reinforcements for secure hold
  • Recommended for use on light weight to average cartons up to 20 pounds

IPG – Industrial K9001 Venom Reinforced Water Activated Tape (WAT), 70mm x 450 ft, Natural, (10-Pack)


  • Natural Kraft light duty water activated carton sealing tape
  • VENOM has fiberglass reinforcement in the machine direction and polyester reinforcement in the cross direction
  • Use for two strip sealing cartons top and bottom
  • Works well on recycled cartons, and non-unitized loads
  • Recommended for use on light weight to average cartons up to 20 pounds (9 kg)
  • Made in USA

Water Activated Paper Tape Dispenser with Gummed Paper Tape,2.75 Inch x 148 Feet Wet Gummed Kraft Paper Tape Fiberglass Reinforced Sealing Tape for Packaging, Shipping, Mailing (Pink)


  • What you will get: the package has 1 roll of reinforced gummed kraft paper tape, which is about 2.75 inches in width and 148 feet in length, long enough to meet your needs; It also comes with a tape dispenser for convenient use
  • Easy to use: the adhesive surface is not sticky before wet water; You need to put clean water in the tape dispenser first, then put the gummed kraft paper tape in and make it wet to exert its stickiness; The good adhesiveness makes this tape have high stability, not easy to fall off
  • Quality material: the water-activated tape for packing is made of kraft paper and fiber thread, which is reliable, safe and sturdy to use, not easy to fray, tear or fade, useful and long-lasting; The plastic tape cutter is also strong and practical
  • Nice adhesive: the water activated gummed tape layers-deep to most virgin surfaces, which is a good option for storage, moving, mailing or shipping goods; Reinforced glass fiber strengthens the surface of the tape to help resist scratches and abrasion, and provides an extra layer of protection for shipments
  • Tamper-evident protection: the wet gummed kraft tape is tamper-proof, which forms a penetrative bond that shreds the box when removed, allowing you to quickly detect if a box has been tampered with in transit

Pros of water activated tape products

It’s perfect for people who want to be able to get their work done efficiently. You can carry it anywhere and everywhere you go!

If that wasn’t enough, our product is also durable. This means that your hard-earned money won’t go to waste when you buy this product. Choosing a water activated tape product to buy can be difficult.

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Duck Fiberglass Reinforced Gummed Kraft Paper Tape, Water Activated, 2.75 Inches x 375 Feet (964913)


  • Aggressive water activated adhesive becomes part of the box or carton. Best used with a gummed tape dispenser machine.
  • One must wet the tape in order for the adhesive to get sticky.  Gummed paper tape is not self-adhesive.
  • 60# kraft paper backing is reinforced with a heavy duty fiberglass filament for extra tensile strength and durability
  • Great for heavy duty and high volume shipping and provides a professional, quality look
  • Due to the fiberglass reinforcements, the tape itself is not recyclable

wexpw 3 Pack Water Activated Gummed Kraft Paper Tape, Brown Kraft Gum Tape for Picture Framing Secure Packing, Heavy Duty Adhesive – 36mm x 89yd


  • Size – about 36mmx30yard / 36mmx27m per roll.
  • Material – made of brown craft paper, high quality and not easy to break.
  • Package included – 3 roll kraft paper tape, 27m per roll, 81m in total.
  • Unique design – the tape needs to be moistened to activate the adhesive, easy to use.
  • Wide application – the traditional way of sealing the backs of picture frames, also can use for tamper proofing, longer lasting packaging.

IDL Packaging – K9026-10 2.75″ x 450′ Reinforced Water-Activated (Gummed) Tape, Kraft (Pack of 10)


  • 100% TAMPER-EVIDENT FIRM BOND: 2.75 inches wide and 450 feet long Water-Activated Tape (WAT) that means this tape needs water to be activated and applied. It also known as gummed tape, kraft tape, paper tape, brown tape, etc. Stronger adhesive for better holding power goes beyond a top surface bond and only can be removed with the traces of damage leaving
  • MULTIPURPOSE HEAVY-DUTY USE: The Gummed Paper Tape withstands all the conditions to which the carton can be exposed – in high-speed sealing, in transit, in storage and ultimate use. With its high tack and firm bond becomes part of the package it seals
  • MOISTURE, COLD, AND HEAT RESISTANT ADHESIVE: Gummed Tape is effective in any climatic conditions. Adhesion is unaffected by extremes of heat except for the combustion point. Also, there is literally no minimum temperature to affect adhesion. Unlike other adhesive tapes, gummed paper tapes can even be used effectively in dusty environments and high humidity
  • ABOUT IDL PACKAGING: Responsible and considerate approach to all customer needs is the key principle of our service. We value our customers and only offer packaging products that are carefully chosen and approved by our packaging experts. We actually use these products ourselves when packaging and fulfilling orders
  • BEST FIT: For best results might be used with any dispenser for 2.75 inch wide water-activated tapes which you can find at our IDL Packaging Amazon Brand Store. It maximizes output while minimizing labor costs

Choose water activated tape Products With The Best Function

As a product manager, it is important to understand the different functions of your product. In this blog post, we will outline some of the key functions of our product and how they can be used to improve your business. Keep reading to learn more!

What are the functions of your product? What can it do for me and my needs? How is it better than others on the market? Answers to these questions and more are what you can expect to find in this blog post. Get ready to be informed about all the great things your product can do!


QShield Water Activated Tape Dispenser Grey with Reinforced Kraft Paper Gum Tape 2.75In x 75 feet Eco Friendly for Gummed Water Tape Dispenser


  • EASY TO USE: Water activated tape dispenser can be effectively applied to all types of shipping needs.
  • VERSATILE TAPE SIZE: The tape dispenser can accommodate kraft tape width between 1.18in to 3.15in and roll diameter under 7in. The longest net size is 12.6in x 4.05in x 5.23in.
  • HIGH QUALITY EQUIPMENT: The tape dispenser is equipped with a high-quality blade, which can easily and quickly cut the required length of tape. During your using the device, the black roller on the front can be removed for you to fill water in. Our product includes a special packaging bag to increase of life span of the blade so that the tape can be cut neatly with minimum effort.
  • EXQUISITE STYLE: The style of various vibrant color represent nature, the adjustable wheel hub with a brake allows you to control tension and conveying. It is compact and easy to adhere to the implementation of achieving the best sealing result. In front of the cutter, both using the rolling stick or not using it can give you the best effect.
  • NO QUESTIONS ASKED GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we will make things right for you. If you are not satisfied with our products, you can contact us and we will refund you to ensure that you have a pleasant shopping experience in our store.

Reinforced Water Activated Gummed Kraft Paper Tape, 2 Pack 2.75 inch x 380 ft, for Heavy Duty Secure Packing Shipping, BOMEI PACK


  • FIBER REINFORCED: Wet reinforced gummed kraft tape meets all heavy duty goods packing, providing structural support and reinforced sealing to the carton box.
  • SIZE: Each kraft paper gummed tape roll core is 1.5inch/38mm, width is 3.75 inch/ 70 mm, length is 380feet / 115.8 m, more longer. Total 2rolls value pack, can use for a long time.
  • TAMPER-PROOF: Water active kraft tape forms a penetrative bond that will destroy the box when removed the tape. Improve the safety of items, prevent theft, better protect your goods in shipping.
  • WATER ACTIVE: Easy to use by hand or a gummed tape dispenser machine. Tape unwinds easily from the roll, does not curl or break unnecessarily and resists splitting and unnecessary tearing, and keep for many years.
  • USAGE: Paper gummed packing tape is a good tool for heavy duty and high volume storage, packaging, moving, shipping, and sealing. Also use for meaning, reinforcing damaged box carton.

Ultra Durable Water-Activated Tape for Secure Packing. 2.75 Inch, 450 Ft Brown Kraft Gum Tape Provides Heavy Duty Adhesive for Packaging and Shipping. Fiberglass Reinforced for Extra Strong Bond.


  • FIBERGLASS REINFORCED FOR HEAVY DUTY HOLD. This wet tape can endure rough shipping and handling but is easy to open without cutting tools. It can even withstand extreme heat, cold, dust and dirt.
  • MULTILAYER BOND = POWERFUL ADHESIVE. Our water-activated gummed tape bonds layers-deep to any virgin or recycled surfaces. A great option for storage, moving, mailing gifts or shipping consumer goods.
  • GUARANTEED FOR LIFE. We offer a No-Nonsense Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our water-activated tapes. If at any point you’re not 100% happy, just send us an email, and we promise to make it right!
  • TAMPER-PROOF, TAMPER-EVIDENT PROTECTION. Water tape forms a penetrative bond that shreds the box when removed, allowing you to quickly detect if a box has been tampered with in transit.
  • WET ADHESIVE = EASY APPLICATION. Wet tape is easy to apply by hand or with a WAT dispenser. Adjust before the glue dries for a perfect fit every time. Increase productivity by 21% over plastic tape.

The most important points when chose the right water activated tape products:

Quality : One of the primary reasons consumers choose to buy a product is that they know it works

Claims: Consumers also place high value on a product’s marketing claims

Innovation: Sometimes the product that their grandmother used will be perfectly fine for generations of consumers, but more often everyone is looking for the next best thing. Innovation is paramount in keep an audience’s attention and generating new customers

Safety:Whether a product is “all-natural” or “highly-flammable” safety testing and labeling is vital in ensuring consumer safety and brand trust

Users reveiws: You should read the reviews especially the bad reviews about the products.

Tape Logic (30 Rolls) 1 Inch x 500 Feet, Non-Reinforced Gummed Kraft Packing Tape, Water Activated, for Shipping and Packaging


  • Aggressively bonds to corrugated cartons, even in dusty or dirty environments.
  • 100% recyclable and repulpable.
  • Use on cartons that will be packed in master cartons or shipped in united loads.
  • Ideal for paper splicing.

1Roll Water Activated Tape Fiber Reinforced Packing Tape Kraft Tape 2”X 165 feet Per Roll Brown Tape Gummed Paper Tape for Heavy Duty Packaging and Shipping Writable Eco-Friendly Biodegradable


  • 📦Water Activated Kraft Paper Tape:Must wet the tape in order for the adhesive to get sticky. Gummed paper tape is not self-adhesive.
  • 📦Reinforced Tape:Strong adhesion, high tensile strength and good sealing, prevent unauthorized unpacking.
  • 📦 Note:This brown water-activated tape is writable with Pen/Pencil/Oil Pen etc & Eco-Friendly Recyclable
  • 📦Size & Quantity: Water activated kraft tape 2 inch X 55Yd (165 feet),1 roll per package
  • 📦Wide usage – Water tape Great for heavy duty and high volume shipping and provides a professional, quality look.

IDL Packaging 3″ Water-Activated (Gummed) Tape, Heavy-Duty 70 lbs Break Strength, 375′ Roll Length, White Color (Pack of 1 Roll) – Reinforced Packing Kraft Paper Tape with Strong Adhesive


  • 【EXTRA STRENGTH REINFORCED TAPE】 3 inches wide and 375 feet long Reinforced Water-Activated (Gummed) Tape with 70 lbs break strength. White color, pack of 1 roll. It is a kraft paper tape reinforced with a layer of strong fiberglass yarn providing an extra margin of strength
  • 【100% TAMPER-EVIDENT BOND】 Water-activated adhesive aggressively bonds with cardboard boxes once the glue face is wetted. With its high tack, the tape becomes one with the package it seals. Always leaves traces of damage on the surface after tape removal, preventing stealth theft. Ideal dependable option for packaging high-value products, such as alcohol and jewelry
  • 【RELIABLE WAY TO SEAL A BOX】 The fiberglass threads provide an extra layer of robustness for the paper, ensuring that it won’t burst under much pressure. Thus, this fiber-reinforced packing tape is perfect for sealing heavy boxes and for reinforcing their bottom, side, and top parts. Significantly improves the safety of items and protects your goods in transport
  • 【ANY CLIMATIC CONDITIONS】 Our heavy-duty gummed tape works great in any climatic conditions, dusty or dirty environments. Strong adhesive withstands extreme heat except for the combustion point and shows high effectiveness in high humidity. Also, there is no minimum temperature that affects adhesion. The right choice for shipping, moving, packing, sealing, storing, and more
  • 【ODORLESS & ACID-FREE】 Gummed kraft paper tape is not only an excellent alternative to plastic tapes but also causes zero harm to the environment. It’s odorless and hygienic which makes it ideal for working with food or pharmaceuticals
  • 【WRITABLE & PRINTABLE】 Any important information can be printed onto this kraft paper tape. Excellent base for marking, coding, logo printing, and even writing. The white backing is perfect for labeling items that need extra attention
  • 【ABOUT IDL PACKAGING】 Responsible and considerate approach to all customer needs is the key principle of our service. We value our customers and only offer packaging products that are carefully chosen and approved by our packaging experts. We use these products ourselves when packaging and fulfilling orders
  • 【BEST FIT】 For the best results might be used with specially designed dispensers for water-activated tape rolls. We present the highly efficient one, GTM-825A Electronic Kraft Tape Dispenser, that unwinds, wets, and cuts the tape in one touch. Maximizing output while minimizing labor costs. Can be found at our IDL Packaging Amazon Brand Store (link near the product title)

You can’t go wrong with professionally branded water activated tape products.

You can’t go wrong with professionally branded products.

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Reinforced Gummed Kraft Paper Tape, Water Activated Tape, 50 yds Length x 2″ Width, Brown Carton Box Packing,Sealing Fiberglass Eco-Friendly and Recyclable Tape, (2 Inches x 150 Feet) (1)


  • Strong Adhesion Plant composite adhesive, glue melting water produces strong adhesion.
  • Strong Load-bearing Ability Glass fiber mesh reinforcement, high tensile strength and good sealing.
  • Viscosity Stability The adhesive surface is not sticky before wet water, and the glue is stable, which is conducive to storage.
  • High Temperature Resistance It can be used in cold areas with warm water; high temperature at 200 ℃ has no effect on the use of tape.
  • Eco-Friendly Recyclable The composites are easy-degradable substances that meet ROHS quality standards, tasteless, non-toxic, healthy and Eco-Friendly, and can be recycled with the packaging.

XFasten Reinforced Gummed Kraft Paper Packing Tape, 2.75 Inches x 375 Feet | Water Activated Brown Carton Box Packing and Sealing Tape for Mailing and Moving with Fiberglass Backing


  • Extreme Strength Reinforced Gummed Kraft Tape that was DESIGNED TO TAKE A BEATING. Its weight holding capacity is rated at 70 kg and is reinforced with a fiberglass rope backbone, providing structural support to large storage boxes for warehouse storage, packaging, moving, shipping, carton sealing and other general-purpose wrapping.
  • Activated by water and provides permanent adhesion and reinforced sealing to the carton box. Reinforces the bottom, side and top parts of boxes, no matter how heavily stuffed they are. You will feel secured and calm no matter how far or long your shipments need to be transported as it grants heavy-duty sealing.
  • EMPOWERS THE AVERAGE AMERICAN home owner or enterprise personnel to PACK EVEN THE MOST OVERSTUFFED PACKAGES making it ideal for heavy duty tasks that need industrial grade adhesion, strong holding power and long adhesive lifespan.
  • Easy to manage, cut and install. Tape unwinds easily from the roll, does not curl or break unnecessarily and resists splitting and unnecessary tearing even after years of storing the tape. Rated to last up to 5 years of shelf life.
  • Provides an extra layer of protection to the package as its reinforced surface prevents scratches and abrasions. This tape is resistant to water, moisture, dew, UV and can withstand changing weather conditions may it be heavy rains, freezing snowy temperatures or direct sunlight- making it ideal for outdoor transport.

lonzsw 3 Pack Water Activated Gummed Kraft Paper Tape 48mm x 89yd Heavy Duty Self Adhesive Picture Frame Tape Brown Kraft Gum Tape for Packing


  • Size – our water activated gummed kraft paper tape measure about 48mmx30yard/48mmx27m per roll, 89yd in total.
  • Material – these brown gummed paper tape made of high quality brown craft paper, water activated design, durable and not easy to break.
  • Package included – you will get 3 roll 48mm water activated kraft paper tape, 89 yard in total, can meet your various picture frame or packing needs.
  • Unique design – this brown water-activated tape needs to be moistened to activate the adhesive, will provides a penetrative bond that shreds the box when removed, easy to use and available to mark notes on it.
  • Wide usage – our brown gummed paper tape ideal for packaging, binding, splicing, holding, tabbing, carton sealing, reinforcing, banding and patching, brown packing tape also can use for tamper proofing, longer lasting packaging.

It can be tough to find good-quality water activated tape that fit your needs and your budget. Luckily, there are plenty of resources available to help you find the perfect water activated tape for your lifestyle.

In this blog post, we’ll provide tips on how to find suitable water activated tape and where to look for them. We’ll also share our favorite resources for finding great deals on quality water activated tape.

1. The advantages of our selected water activated tape are that it can be used for a long time when you first use it. This is an international quality water activated tape.

2. It guarantees that it can meet your needs and bring you a new experience.


Frifreego Water-Activated Tape Dispenser Width-Adjustable Kraft Gum Tape Dispenser Manual Tape Packaging Dispenser for Maximum 90mm(3.54inches)-Width Kraft Paper Tape


  • EASY MANUAL DEVICE- Unlike complicated electric device, the manual water activated tape dispenser does not have a lot of troublesome operation buttons. You only just need to pour some water in the sink and install your tape, then you could start your work. And you could pull the tape to any length you want. Note: there is no any scale on the dispenser to help you premeasure the length.
  • USING TIPS- When using the tape cutter for the first time, please take out the brush and completely soak it in 70-80° Celsius water for 5 minutes to open the hair follicles to fully absorb water. We have enclosed the manual in the package, please read it carefully before use. And you could also learn from the video on the detail page. If any problems during use, directly contact us for help! For any dissatisfaction with you, we will be responsible to the end!
  • WIDTH-ADJUSTABLE DESIGN- Although it is a simple hand tool, the tape cutter can be adjusted according to the width of the actual tape. And the widest suitable width can reach 90mm, about 3.54 inches.
  • IMPROVE YOUR WORK EFFICIENCY- The large-capacity water storage sink can provide 3-5 hours of continuous work, so you don’t have to frequently put down the work at hand to add water, which greatly improves your work efficiency.
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADE- The stainless steel blade is sharp and durable. It can not only cut your adhesive tape quickly, but also won’t rust. In normal use, the life span can reach 3-5 years.

PackageZoom Water Activated Reinforced Kraft Paper Gummed Tape, 2.75 Inches x 375 Feet x 8 Brown Rolls (3,000 Feet in Total)


  • INCLUDES: 8 Rolls Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape. Each Roll 375 ft long x 2.75″.
  • SUPERIOR STRENGTH: Fiberglass yarns seal your cartons with an extra measure of strength. High Grade Reinforced Water Activated tape provide excellent tensile strength and optimum security.
  • REINFORCED PAPER TAPE: Extra strong fiberglass yarns to provide an extra margin of strength with reinforced Kraft paper tape. The starch-based water activated adhesive provides an instant, aggressive bond to most corrugated surfaces and becomes part of the box.
  • WATER ACTIVATED GUMMED PAPER: Great for heavy duty and high volume shipping for reinforced seals boxes. Gummed paper tape is perfect for seal in extreme cold, heat, and humidity.
  • SAME DAY SHIPPING: Orders must be placed by 2pm EST Monday through Friday.

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IPG Central 260 Medium Duty Reinforced Water Activated (WAT) Tape, 3″ x 450 ft, FRAGILE, (10-Pack)


  • 3-way fiberglass reinforced natural Kraft carton sealing tape manufactured with water activated adhesive
  • Use for two strip sealing cartons top and bottom
  • Works well on recycled cartons and non-unitized loads
  • Recommended for use on average weight cartons up to 55 pounds (25 kg)
  • PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Caliper 7.0 mils (0.18mm); MD Tensile 83 lbs./in (363 N/25mm); CD Tensile 30 lbs./in (131 N/25mm)

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